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My name is Bob Hickey. I am an audio engineer. I was lucky enough and talented enough to be one of the sound mixers for Pink Floyd. I mixed on the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour in 1987 and 1988. I mixed over 100 shows for the band. While touring the world and for my enjoyment, I made home movies with an 8mm Sony V9 HandyCam Pro. I shot many hours of video while on tour with Pink Floyd. The tapes are now a two-disk DVD set. This movie is a behind the scenes look at life on the road with the world's best rock band. This movie is the endless saga of myself and my friends in the band and crew as we travel; unload; set up; test; operate; create; tear down; pack up; load-out; party; travel and do it all again. So come on! As we tour planet Earth with one of the largest rock shows in the world.
And people this is not two-hours of Pink Floyd in Concert. The movie is not interviews with the band. If you want to hear and see Pink Floyd, they make lots of great products to buy. If you want some fun and feel what it is like to work & tour with Pink Floyd, then this DVD set is for you.


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The words of the creator of this tape; a person in a fairly unique position to give a good account of what life is really like on the road with a band like Pink Floyd. The thing that strikes you with this tape is the fun that can be had on a long, arduous tour. A mixture of documentary and very personal home movie, it is a mixed bag but on the whole, a very entertaining watch. Bobby has taken his time (presumably between tours) to edit the material down, and add background music, scene transitions, and the like. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a bit more judicious editing in places, and more care with backing music - there is one sequence which features Voodoo Chile very loudly over some interesting dialog, drowning it out. It starts at the end of 1987, with a fast cut montage of stage shots, coupled with shots of David and Nick taken from underneath the stage! (If you recall, the stage then had a metal grille floor). This leads into an introduction to Bobby and his colleagues, and an interesting tour round the Front of House sound mixer desks. The action then moves to the start of the 1988 tour, a flight to New Zealand, and a good look at pre-show preparations, stage building, etc.. During the build-up in the afternoon of the first NZ show, Bob and his cohorts meet some of the varied characters attending the show (especially the females!) to find out their reasons for attending. Nice inclusions are a small segment of the instrumental segment in "Money", taken from behind Nick, and a shot of Nick's feet in action during the Comfortably Numb solo (taken from under the stage again). As part of the Adelaide show segment, there is an interesting tour around the stage - looking at David's pedals and effects, the two drum kits, general kit and equipment. Nice to get a close look at these. Later in the tape, there are also some nice snatches of in-concert stuff, and an interesting segment backstage after a show (I've never seen singer Rachel Fury like that before!). There's some great soundcheck shots, including a tiny bit of David and co. playing Albatross. There's also a quick demonstration by Phil Taylor, Gilmour's guitar tech, of David's effects board and pedals. Throughout the tape, there is some great travelling from venue-to-venue footage showing the reality of life as a member of the crew. With the amount of interesting and unique footage on this tape, it is well worth while if you've ever wondered or dreamt about being a member of the band's road crew. Hopefully, when the DVD is created, it will address one or two of the issues I had with the production. Despite that, a very enjoyable couple of hours. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bobby! - the Pink Floyd & Roger Waters news & info site All content of the above review except where noted otherwise is (c) Brain Damage/Matt Johns 2005. Please see 'About Brain Damage' page for legal details and the small print! This is a copy from a review of your film. Thanks Again,Bob

"My congratulations on successfully capturing for the first time the essence of being on the road with Pink Floyd." - Matthew Diehl

"Jan. 13, 2001 Hi Bob!! Just got the tape yesterday and saw it wright away. It's been a long time since I've locked my eyes in front of the T.V. for two whole hours... I saw the video with my brother and we laughed all the time. It must have been a lot of fun for you guys, inspite of all that loading off and loading in. The editing and picture quality was great. Nice job! Thank you, Bob, for sharing those images! -AndrÈ Pires

From the movie, band member Jon Carin enjoys his headphones before a show

"Great, fab, excellent, hilarious... Well worth the wait. Many many thanks Keep on Bob, You is COOOOO-EL! " -Julian Stafford

"Dear Bob: The tape was great fun. I feel as though I know you now. After awhile, all the guys started to feel like old friends. Great cast of characters. Any Pink Floyd fanactic would enjoy having a copy." -klutzy- Vicki

"You did a really good job." FRED Shine On!!!

"I liked it, I thought it gave a different look into music, most people i'm sure don't realize what all goes into making a concert happen. Looks like you guys had some pretty cool times huh? I liked the whole thing, it was interesting to me. " George Cox

From the movie, Mr Rick Wright walks out to the consoles for a listen before a show

"Hello!! Just droppin' a line to let you know I got the video this weekend. I LIKE IT!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun on that tour! The video is really good at showing what goes on behind the scenes. Good Job! I'll be writing a review of it on my site sometime this week. talk to ya soon! " Robert Goodman

From the movie, Sax and Guitarist Scott page discovers banana juice in Japan!

on 1/22/02 12:23 PM, Scott Page at wrote:
Hey Brother,I LOVED THE TAPE... BIG FUN!!! Great job on capturing the behind the scenes. It brought back memories. Wow! it's hard to believe almost 15 years went by. Ah!! We all looked so young. What a Life!! You Dig!!! Thanks again, Scott Page
( Mr. Page was the Sax player for Pink Floyd )

"Hey Bobby, Let me start by congratulating you on your movie. I loved it. It was nice to see Richard Wright make a few appearances. I've always thought he was so cool! Found the chasing after women parts to be quite amusing. Looks like a hell of alot of hard work to set up a show like this constantly. By the looks on some of the faces, you could tell that some people were thinking "Here comes Bobby with that damn camera again". I give you alot of credit as I know what it must have taken to put the whole thing together not to mention the cost involved. Thanks again, great job. "Rayman

" "Hey, Bobby! Way coooooooooool" Annette

"Hi Bob - I've watched the movie and I love it. The beginning was in Auckland which was good. I was so carried away that I didn't even recognise David Gilmour kneeling on the stage in front of some of the equipment in a white t-shirt for a while!! You guys certainly did some gruelling work on that tour! Is there any chance you'll be asked to help out for their next tour in 2001/2002? Bye for now, camera dude." -Zombiezee

From the movie: "You turn this little thing and it Pans the sound 'round the room. It's real fun too!"

"A thousand laughs during a depressingly boring corporate gig!!!! Thank God, we worried we were the only Psychos left in the World. See ya out there, thanks" -P. Micahel Anderson - Staff and Crew of Multimedia Presenation Group, San Diego

"I will check the movie out again cause I dig it! All in all, I like it and it continues to bring back fond memories from a very special time. I talked with Larry Wallace about a week ago. I'm sure he would like to see it too." Buford Jones(Head Audio Engineer for MLOR and DSOT)

"Hey bud, checked out your movie. Cool! Looks like you guys had a ball while on tour! My wife and I really enjoyed your movie. We have watched it quite a few times with some of our friends and they really like it. Most of them say,"Where in the hell did you get this movie?" I tell them from this dude nammed Bob Hickey on the internet that toured with Floyd, he was the Sound Engineer. They freak out and think I'm some sort of god because I know the Sound Engineer that worked with Floyd during the Momentary Tour." Shonie De La Rosa

From the movie: "One of these days..."

Hey Bobby, Congratulations on the film. I found it very unigue and interesting. I also reconized a lot of the people in your film like; The band (of course) The guy in charge of lighting (also from Delicate Sound of Thunder, in the beginning where he lit his cigarette with a laser) and several others that were in Delecate Sound of thunder. So it was very cool indeed. Anyway... "Damn Good film." Got any suggestions on how I could experience being on a road crew, please let me know. Gotta go bud. Take it easy now!!! -Todd Fox

"Thanx for the video!! i really like it, great that you doucumented all what happend!! Did you sold a couple jet? I think its a must for all of the floydians!" Werner Haider

"I give your movie a hearty 5-Pig rating...the highest: This video is a MUST have... watching them at work is alot of fun...shows how the stage is put together, the crew having a blast...seeing Wright play is ALOT of fun, and trust me, you won't regret it. " kyla

"hey Bobby the tape is f__ken great,, i saw half of it and i love it ,, I love the sound on the tape thanks again " Big99al

"Bob, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the film. While I'm sure it was a lot of fun touring with Pink Floyd it is truely amazing how much work goes into setting up for a show. I really have a better understanding and appreciation for this now. Great Film! I hope your movie is a big success." Kirk A. Oberlander

In a clip from the movie, Mr. David Gilmour talks about the Quad Sound System

"hi Bobby, I recieved the vid a few days ago.....very kool It was great to hear Dave soundchecking with Fleetwood macs "Albertross" near the end Keep up the good work" Richard

"How I wish, how I wish I were a Pink Floyd roadie. Shine on. " Dan

"Hey Bobby. Loved the flick. Excellent job on the whole thing, nice editing too. Extremely interesting stuff to see life on the road of a big time production. Very cool. I get big wood for gear, effects, etc. since I am a musician.What make and model camera did you use? It puts out some great pictures. Anyway...I dug it in a big, big way. Thanks." Chuck Black

"Greetings Bobby, Too much fun, you'll probably rot in hell for the deeds done on the tour. Enjoyed the whole thing very much so far, I'm up to Japan. " The Poobah

In another clip from the movie, Mr. Nick Mason relaxes before a show.

"I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the movie. I hope you don't mind, but I let a couple of 'techies' sit in from the Theatre. Excellant, I really liked what you did with the video FX and mixing in the extra music, all very well done. I especially got a buzz from the fact you did all this on a MAC! I would trade anything to be part of the stage crew for just one night (which would include the show also). I WANTED MORE! Again, well done on the movie. Thanks." Steve Rizewiski

"i received you great and wonderful "pink" feature and enjoyed it very much. great shots from new zealand , australia, japan.....its really nice and thanx god that i know NOW that also nice girls exist in down under;-) also nice was the short cut on Comfy numb under big dave , i think it was in Budokan,tokyo. all the best to you shine on" "tom"

"Hi Bobby - it was good. It was nothing like I had expected, but then, I did not know what to expect ! I'd just like to say - I'll give you my feedback in another form very soon ! How interesting it must be, what you do, what you did with the Floyd, and all the others ! I read EVERYTHING on your site - you're quite multifaceted ! Fun - your movie moved me, in an unexpected way.... =) Shine Bob ! " Kim

From the movie, Keyboardist Jon and Singer Rachel Ham-it-up!

"Bob, As I said when we corresponded briefly when I ordered the movie, you are to be envied. I don't know how many copies of the movie you'll sell, but it is well worth the money for any person interested in Pink Floyd, or any touring production for that matter. I hope you do well with the movie, you deserve to. Thanks again" "Bill Rufenacht"

"Hey Bobby, I finally got time to watch your movie; It was fun, It was Cool and I really felt like I got to know you guys. And as a Pro-Photographer speaking, your filming was not to shabby! Pink Floyd is still my all-time favorite. I appreciate what you have done. Thanks much and get in touch,.""Tom Welsh"

"I got the tape! It's great! I love it! Really! What a COOL job! Travelling with Pink Floyd and that fun crew, visiting other countries and interesting cities, meeting people, making friends, attending to every PF concert,... having fun all the time and getting paid for it, WOW! How do you get to manage all those keys? Don't you get lost sometimes? I feel like watching it over and over. I noticed you wearing a "Rock In Rio" T-shirt. I had one like that too :) How can I thank you? Your movie makes me feel close to them..""Katia"

From the movie, Ol' Hot-Foot Him-self does a little solo.

"Now I really want to be a Pink Floyd Roadie. Wish I had a sore throat. Thanks for the tape, and maybe you will let me know if there will be Yet Another Movie. Till yer lookin' for a roading. I'ze be waitin'" "Dan the Man"

"I wanted to let you know that I did receive my video and as of last night I have watched it in it's entirety.The sound quality is excellent, and the editing superb. I really enjoyed the footage of the actual staging of the show the most. Seeing the people and equipment behind the scenes was cool. I wasloving every second of the Gilmour scenes, from him looking at his amps to looking up at him from under the stage playing his guitar. The Rick Wright footage of him tossing a football around was a treat. I also enjoyed getting a close look at guys that were heavily involved in putting the show together, Buford Jones, Larry Wallace, Phil Taylor, Morris Lyda and this relatively unknown sound man named Robert Hickey. Videos like yours are great additions for any fan who wants to go "behind the scenes" of a traveling mega rock tour. Bobby, I am glad I ordered your video, you have helped make my Floyd collection a brighter shade of Pink, Shine On Bobby!" Rolf

"I have watched the PinkMovie.Com about 5 times already....killer..." Mal Ediction

"Good job, man. I've always wanted to see how they put the stage and everything together. Thanks especially for zooming in on all of Dave's guitar effects pedals cause I have been trying for some time now to achieve that Gilmour-tone and now know what he uses! If you ever work with them again, make another movie! Oh by the way, Pete should have gone for that blonde chick in the leather!" Jerry Dunbar"

"Just thought I'd say hi and that I really enjoyed your Videos that you sent. I already knew the kind of things I thought that I would see, but not in the quality way you did it. Lots of familiar faces and places in the videos. Great job." Glen Hamilton

"Got that tape this past tues. and watched it right away.. I intend to watch it many more times..YEEEHA, LUV it!!! . and MUCH thanks for sendin' it" Mary Gwaltney

"Hello Bob!! In the next days i will send you my latest issue of the austrian Pink Floyd Fanzine "PULSE & Spirit", you will find included a story about the Pink Movie!! Also i included you on the Cover!! okay thats all for now, shine on"-Werner Haider

well,after spending 3weeks of constant fact checking and research,and hiring an independent counsel, you know one of those lawyer dudes, I have found bob's video truthful and funny. Shame you people couldn't have been there.marc brickman

bobby, i am standing here with durga mc Broom. help us with another copy. you can reach her thru me. marc brickman and durga

I really enjoyed the video, and I even watched the DSOT video like you suggested in the approriate spot. That really enhanced my appreciation for what you witnessed at all of these shows. The sound was always excellent at any of the shows I saw especially on that tour at Chicago (9/26/87) and in Phoenix (4/25/88). Again, thanks for the video and keep up the good work!!!! "Shine on you crazy diamond."Tom Thvedt

From the movie: Here we have a Christmas Card created by one of David Gilmour's children sent to me by Mr. Gilmour .

Hi Bobby, I recieved the tape in the mail today and I just finished watching it, It was really good especially because of the Australian content. It must have been a lot of fun touring with the band and meeting lots of fans especially female (ha ha) Have a great New Year Kind regardsIvan

Tue, Feb 16, 1999 Bob, Laughed my ass off! Roving Floyd Split tail acquisition... The video brought back some really fond memories of the people we were with on the road. Great Job Bob! Thanks for the laughs. -Larry Wallace(PF Crew member)

Sat, 27 Feb 1999 Bobby, Well its Saturday night and I got the movie today at work. I thought it was great. U guys are a fuking riot. I thank u for providing this moment in time to the fans. I have been a collector of pink floyd for quite some time. It only took 4 days for it to get here. Thats pretty damn fast for book rate. People that send out priority mail at my work sometimes come back to us and say it took a week. This one I will cherish. Even though there really was'nt much of the band in it I was always curious on how the whole thing works and is put togther. The movie kicks ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Michael Abell

From the movie:Speaking of David Gilmour's children, here is Dave's son Mathew in Japan doing the "Pre-Show Prowl. "

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 Hi Bobby, I got your video yesterday stayed up late last night to watch it. It is very cool. lots of busting ass or waiting around. From one extreme to the other. How did that guy make out with that smashed hand ?. That's a plane ticket Home! This was your #2 tour with Floyd? Man, How did you land that job? Will you work on there next tour?. Some day we all hope! Just one more. Where do you sell the X rated version. Ha Ha Ha. Take care. Robert Rippy

Dear Bobby, Just recieved your video yesterday, and watched it. Really cool flick! You don't know how much I envy what must have been the coolest job in the world!! To be in the presence of such greatness would have totally blown me away, despite all the rigors of traveling everywhere. A really big Floyd fan,Joseph Soranno

Fri, 26 Mar 1999 Dear Bob: I received the video tape yesterday (man that was quick) and I did have a chance to sit down and watch it. The video was great. I loved it. It left me wanting more!! It was really neat seeing all the behind the scenes stuff (I have probably watched the Delicate Sound of Thunder video 50 times) and how the stage was set up. The close-ups of the stage gear (drums, effects, guitars...) are great. I wish I could have seen more of the sound checks, but it's understandable why they are not on the tape. It was also interesting to see how they loaded all of that gear onto the trucks. Thanks again for a wonderful video. Kevin Barrett

Mon, 26 Apr 1999 Bobby, I received my movie on Friday and loved every second of it. I almost pissed my pants because I didn't want to turn the thing off to go to the bathroom. I have every video that I could buy about the band but I must say that I have never felt as close to the band as your video. Dan Charnas

From the movie: Here is a shot of Mr. Gilmour's massive guitar rig.

Tue, 04 May 1999 Hi bobby, I watched the video head to tail last night. Fantastic footage and mileage. You took a fantastic voyage. Thanks a gig.Emerson conley

Tue, 15 Jun 1999 I just received my copy and is f@#%$# great!!.I always wanted to know the life on the road with the floyd and this is it.Thanks a lot Bobby!!!Alberto Zepeda

8/30/01 II just wanted you to know I received the video today (8/3/00) and watched it immediately. Bob Hickey has done a wonderful job of filming history with the help of his many friends! It felt like I was there with them, and/or at least a project I would have done if I had been given the same opportunities. I've been an avid "Floydian" since 1967 and will continue ever onward till the day I leave this mortal world. Another splendid addition to my growing collection of Pink Floyd necessities! Unkelfunkel

From the movie: Mr. Phil Taylor, who cares for Mr. Gilmour's guitars, shows me how the pedal board works.

"Numerous Pink Floyd "in concert" videotapes wink, blink, and even PULSE at you from store shelves...But PinkMovie.Com ain't no such animal! It's a rockumentary with a crew side view of touring the world with one of the most influential bands in Rock n Roll history: The legendary Pink Floyd." "...We are witness to the projects that fall smoothly into place...alongside the inevitable mishaps, mix-ups, and injuries. Musicians and "techies" will appreciate the close up demonstrations of the equipment's inner workings and countless soundchecks. In contrast are the pre-concert crowd scenes, complete with Floyd fan interviews and hysterically unabashed "chick ogling". These sequences focus on New Zealand and Australia, but my favorite fan interaction occurs in Japan, where enthusiasm was literally dancin' in the streets! Mr. Hickey has done Pink Floyd a great service with his self-proclaimed "humble project". The site is a "must-see" for Floyd fanatics." -Tribe Magazine

From the movie: Mark works with mirrors to direct the laser-beam on his Laser Table.


I had a huge party last night and we watched your video and and the "dark side of oz". Eveybody loved your video!!.....They all said, "wow !! , i wish i could have been there !!"
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Love it! Want more like this movie.
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