New ADC QB-2 Punch Tool

I think this is the last New ADC QB-2 Punch Tool in the world. This tool does not arrive with the two extra Tips. However, If you need the long tip please contact me. Free Shipping with a tracking number included.

ADC QB-2 Punch Tool $389.99
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  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-01.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-01.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-02.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-02.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-03.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-03.jpeg

  • ADC-QB-2-punch tool-04.jpeg

    ADC-QB-2-punch tool-04.jpeg

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