NEW in box. Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Quick Switch 52 Point Nickel-Plated TRS. Attached to the rear of the patchbay are gold E3 connectors with five-foot snakes to any connectors you choose. This patchbay provides you maximum flexibility when setting up your studio. Normals can be quickly changed on each channel with the Quick Switch normaling system from full normal to half normal to no normal. You also have grounding options for isolated grounds or grounds vertically strapped (GVS).

List price for this item is $749 without cables or connectors.

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  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert A

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert A

  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert B

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert B

  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert C

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert C

  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert D

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert D

  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert E

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert E

  •  quick-shorti-TRS-insert F

    quick-shorti-TRS-insert F

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