This is how a 96 Plus Patchbay looks from the front. Starting at the top we will call the rows of jacks "A" , "B" and "C"

Stacks Image 129

After swinging the chassis out of the way, this is how the Patchbay looks from the back. We can see that row "A" ( top-row in the picture) has a ground-pin, a tip-pin and a ring-pin. The tip-pin and ring-pin are hard-wired full normal to row "B". Therefore plugging a patch cable into either row "A" or row "B" breaks the signal. We can also see that row "C" is normal using white jumper wires. When we place a patch cable into a jack in row "C" is does not switch off.

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Now looking at the back of our 96 point Patchbay we can see that I have removed the tip and ring pins from row "A" leaving only the ground post. The first three channels on the left side of the picture would have no normaling. The channels with the white jumpers would be half-normal.

Stacks Image 142

Below I have removed the right-hand section, tuned the chassis over and replaced it in the frame. In my hand is a label-holder covering row "A" which is now on the bottom and is now not used. This is now a 96 point Patchbay which can be half-normal or strait through.

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