Shown below is how to attach wire to a three-row 96 Plus Patchbay.

First lay out the three wires that will attach to the top, middle and bottom rows of your patchbay.

Stacks Image 129

Next remove the cover on each wire exposing your hot, low-line and ground. I suggest you strip the insulation back about thee fingers width.

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Move your ground wires out of the way for the moment. Next tin the ends of each hot lead and each low-line. Then tin the solder posts on the Patchbay too.

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Solder the hot leads to the Patchbay. note that you will need to get the solder posts hot with the solder iron before your apply the solder and wire.

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Solder your low-lines to the Patchbay.

Stacks Image 142

Twist the three ground wires together.

Stacks Image 146

Place the old insulation you had removed earlier over the now large ground wire. You can also use Heat Shrink to insulate the ground wire. Next tin the large ground wire with solder.

Stacks Image 150

Solder your big ground wire to the Patchbay.

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