ADC 48 Point 1RU 1/4" TRS (Balanced Tip, ring, sleeve) Patchbay with Punch-Down Block. This type patchbay has the Punch-Down Block as part of the chassis. Model ADC PPS3-18MKII Each Pro Patch panel is loaded with the highest quality frame type jacks featuring ADC's "crossbar" self cleaning jacks. All Pro Patch panels are powder coated for exceptional durability and come with standard horizontal and vertical designation strips. Mr. Patchbay will set the normals for you: FULL NORMAL - HALF NORMAL - NO NORMALS. Just ASK!

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  • ADC-PPS3-18MKIINO-Patchbay A

    ADC-PPS3-18MKIINO-Patchbay A

  • ADC-PPS3-18MKIINO-Patchbay B

    ADC-PPS3-18MKIINO-Patchbay B

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