ADC PPI2232RS-MVJ High Definition (HD) 64 Point Video Patchbay with Mid-Size Video Jacks on the front and BNC connections in the rear. This used Video Panel is a normaled patchbay using ADC's midsize super video jacks with 75 Ohm Normaled Termination. These Professional Video patchbays are designed for use with all signals up to HDTV. These patchbays pass SMPTE's 292M specification for fully uncompressed HD signals. List Price $1,639.00

Price $506.67
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  • ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-5.jpg

    ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-5.jpg

  • ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-4.jpg

    ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-4.jpg

  • ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-2.jpg

    ADC PPI2232-MVJ-Grey-Patchbay-2.jpg

  • ADC PPI2232-MVJT-Grey-Patchbay.jpg

    ADC PPI2232-MVJT-Grey-Patchbay.jpg

  • ADC PPI2232-MVJT-Grey-Patchbay-3.jpg

    ADC PPI2232-MVJT-Grey-Patchbay-3.jpg

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