Perfect for your Pro Tools Rig! ADC Single-Space 96 Point TT Bantam Audio Patchbay shown below arrives with 12 Female DB-25 Connectors attached to the end of 12 five-foot snakes. These Patchbays are wired to the Pro-Tools standard. These patchbays can arrive with No Normals, Full Normal or Half Normal. Just ask Mr. Patchbay to set your patchbay however you wish.
If your gear is within five-feet of this patchbay and has DB-25 Connectors, I can wire these patcbays with some or all MALE DB-25 Connectors saving you tons of money because you will not have to buy Male DB-25 Snakes! Just ask Mr. Patchbay.

Price $599.98
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Add One or More Channels of Cable Ten-Feet Long $3.50
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Add 96 Ten-Foot Cables $336
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Add 110 Ohm Digital Cables
Price $100.00
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  • ADC D-Sub Patchbay A

    ADC D-Sub Patchbay A

  • ADC D-Sub Patchbay B

    ADC D-Sub Patchbay B

  • ADC D-Sub Patchbay C

    ADC D-Sub Patchbay C

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