New ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS is a Full-Normal two rack unit, 3.5-inch, 96 Point TT Bantam Audio Patchbay with QCP MKIV termination for easy punch down hook-up. ADC audio patchbays use very durable enclosures and jacks. Solder-free internal wiring provides high reliability, much higher than soldered systems. High-quality long-frame WECO jacks with self-cleaning wiping action - Superior reliability -Punchdown system with split cylinders for gas-tight connections - Quick and easy termination - Epoxy powder-coated steel chassis - Exceptional protection and durability - Precision 110 Ohm digital cable - Quality transmission for a lifetime of use. The list price for this patchbay is $1,604.10.

Price $800.00
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  • ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay

    ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay

  • ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay 2

    ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay 2

  • ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay 3

    ADC PPB3-14MKIVNS Audio Patchbay 3

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