Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Quick Switch TT patchbay arrives at your door with 12 DB-25 female connectors. The reason this is one of the most popular patchbays is because it provides you maximum flexibility when setting up your studio. Normaling can be quickly changed on each channel with the Quick Switch normaling system. You also have all the grounding options: isolated, bussed, or grounds vertically strapped (GVS).
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  •  Mini-Shorti-DB25 A

    Mini-Shorti-DB25 A

  •  Mini-Shorti-DB25 B

    Mini-Shorti-DB25 B

  •  Mini-Shorti-DB25 C

    Mini-Shorti-DB25 C

  •  Mini-Shorti-DB25 D

    Mini-Shorti-DB25 D

  •  Mini-Shorti-DB25 E

    Mini-Shorti-DB25 E

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