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Help needed for TRS Inserts to my patchbay

Hello Mr. Patchbay,
i have a question regarding an issue im having w my punchdown bay, as this is my first punchdown, im not entirely sure if the issue im having is user error or something else.
i am currently wiring up an entire bay to handle the insert points of my console. the bay has been half normalled and appears to be functional. the jacks switch and disconnect as expected. Howeer, the issue i am having is on the insert return. Once the connection is broken, the channel remains silent.
ive tried re punching the connections, using different bays, one w the grounds busses one wo a ground buss, and the issue remains.
the bays normalling are wired per the instructions found on your site, and the connections to the console are wired on the T R S terminals, im not sure if im missing a different wiring setup for the returns as it seems more or less self explanatory but im out of troubleshooting ideas.
i would tremendously appreciate any sort of help or insight you could offer. thank you very much.
Hey Martin,

An easy way to show you how to wire this, instead of trying to trouble-shoot your wiring, is to point you to a page on my site where I show how a TRS insert bay is wired:

If your ADC QPC punch panel has the normals brought out to the remote ( orange and blue rows) then set one channel to full normal for this test. If not forget that and keep going as said below:
The send of your console TRS is coming out of the deck from the tip of the TRS. Wire that TIP to the HOT of the top-row ( red). Wire the return (comes from the ring of the TRS) to the TIP
 of the jack on the bottom-row again this is the red QPC. Now take the ground and wire that to the white ground QPC on either row. Next take a jumper-wire ( scrap wire) and punch on top of the first ground wire, yes now there are two wires tall in one QPC. Take the ground wire and go to the other row and punch it into the white ground. the bald row for ring is not used. However some people wire for VSG vertically strapped grounds and wire the two ring common with the ground. Too much work and no difference.
So when you have the TRS inserted but no cables in the patchbay the full normal or the half normal will complete the loop. Then from the top-row of the bay you can send to a device with a patch cable and the output of your device goes back to the ring of the TRS by plugging a patch cable into the bottom-row. Dig?

If still confused or having more problems please do email again!

Bobby Hickey
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