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On Sep 5, 2016, at 7:52 PM, Bruce ****<*******> wrote:

I am a novice to studio patch bay setup and I am wondering if you could give me advise on what type of patch bay I should/could purchase from you that would work with the following setup.

Board will be a Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2ai
iMac computer will be connected to board using FireWire
Recording software will be Logic ProX
I will be running monitors thru a presonus central station rack unit

I will have a separate control room and a separate live room.

In live room I will have a snake with 16 xlr and 4 1/4" returns that will run into control room.

In the control room I want to have a rack that will have several compressors, an eq, and a few preamps. I am not sure of exact models but there will be some outboard gear.

Any help you can provide on what patch bay I should use or if I need a custom one made, I would be very grateful as this is my first go at setting up a home studio.

Any questions you need to know, just ask.

Bruce ******

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On Sep 5, 2016, at 9:01 PM, Bob Hickey wrote:
Hey Bruce,

I would suggest the Audio Accessories Quick Switch Mini. This is one of the best patchbays on the market. Retail is $999.99 without cables. I offer this with custom cables for much less money:
With this patchbay you can change the normals ( Winking and the grounding quickly. Also the E3 connectors on the rear of the chassis let you move / remove / change and cable(s) for future changes to your studio or changes to the way the channels are grouped in the bay. 
Plus if you do not know which outboard rack-gear you will be buying it lets you get the patchbay from me wired to your current setup and add the other outboard gear’s cables when you know which connectors you will be needing. Then I would build XLR, TRS or DB-25 cables as needed and you can plug those cables right into the back of the patchbay.

If you know what connectors you will need on all 96 channels but do not yet know what normals you need this is a good option but connectors are soldered before shipping:

If you already know what connectors and normals you need, this patchbays ships with connectors and normals set before shipping:

An example of normaling would be: The 16 XLR’s and four 1/4” TRS from the studio would be on the top-row of the patchbay ( standard is outputs on the top-row & inputs on the bottom-row ) right above the first 16 inputs on the Presonus StudioLive 32 on the bottom-row of the patchbay. These 20 channels would be full-normal with the grounds set GVS ( grounds vertically strapped) so that when you plug a mic into channel #1 in the studio, it shows up on channel one on the Presonus StudioLive 32 without using a patch cable. To change where channel #1 in the studio shows up on the Persons we take a patch cable and plug that into top-row channel #1 on the patchbay and plug into any Presonus channels’ input on the bottom-row etc.
This guy has a great set of lectures on patchbays:

The advantage I offer over all other Pro Audio dealers is: The others only sell patchbays with DB-25 FEMALE connectors on the rear of patchbays. Meaning you must buy 12 eight-channel DB-25 snakes for each 96 point TT patchbay. Depending on what type eight-channel snakes you buy that cost $600 to $1,000.00 for each 96 point patchbay to get wired-up. 
On the other hand I offer cables that are hard-wired to the back of the patchbay jacks with whatever type connectors you need. So when your patchbay arrives from Misterpatchbay you just plug and play. Hell yea…

What I request is an input / output list from you and your eng. This is 1-48 top-row and 1-48 bottom-row. I do not need to know the device or anything but  what type connector is on the channel, the length of the cable and if the top & bottom channels are full normal , half normal or no normal ( Winking. Such as:

1. DB-25-Male half-normal
2.” "
3.” "
4.” "
5.” "
6.” "
7.” "
8.” "
9. XLR-F no normal

1. DB-25-Male
2.” "
3.” "
4.” "
5.” "
6.” "
7.” "
8.” "
9.   XLR-M
10. TRS

Here are a few layouts that may give you an idea of how you want to setup your patchbay(s):

So that’s kinda the deal.

Bobby Hickey
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