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Using Mogami 2549

Hi there!

I am putting together a home studio and need a patch bay. I will have about 6 to 8 full normal, the rest will be no normals. I am thinking the solder type patch bays.

Could you explain the differences between the 1RU Switchcraft 96 point TT Patchbay and the New 2RU ADC 96 Point TT and your recommendations for me.

I'm thinking of using Mogami 2549 to wire the patchbay to the equipment because it seems to be the best. Any recommendations on wire would be greatly appreciated also.



Hey George,

Well sir, the 1RU SwitchCraft with large labels is out of stock. Not sure when I will get more. I do have one ADC with large labels in stock. I do not have any pictures of the one with large labels yet but, it could be ordered here: 
The new 2RU ADC has seven solder lugs and is kinda hard to solder because there is not much room for working. The Mogami sounds great. Hard to beat the sound of Mogami without spending lots of money.

Bobby Hickey

Hi Bob,

That sounds good to me. I would like to order that. Should I call you now?
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