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Hi Bob,

I got an Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Quick Switch 52 Point from you a
few months back and couldn't be happier with it! I'm looking to get
another patchbay and would like the same type, but I would need at least
32 ins and 32 outs on this one. You mentioned in a previous email that
you had a 48 points per row (96 points total) if I'm not mistaken, so
that would work. I couldn't find them on your webpage. Are they the TT

I don't know if this is relevant, but it is for a 16 track setup to/from
a mixer to/from a tape machine. The tape machine has 96 point ZIF ITT
("DL") connectors (Cannon DL2-96R); one for inputs, one for outputs
(wired standard like the SSLs, but I will provide a diagram). I believe
the connector they would "mate" with is a "Cannon DL2-96P". I don't
remember what you said the max cable length was you could do, so I'll
just put what I would like for now. Ideally, I'd like something like

1-16:   10' leads to female XLR
17-32: 4'   leads to female XLR
33-48: 10' leads to single Cannon DL2-96P

1-16:  10'  leads to TRS
17-32: 4'   leads to male XLR
33-48: 10' leads to single Cannon DL2-96P

Let me know what you think. I can give you a call to discuss details.
Thanks again and take care,

Hey Sal,

Which sex do you need the Cannon connectors to be? One of each sex? I think I have some of those connectors in a box at my shop. Not sure if they are DL2-96R type or not. Do you know if the DL2-96R has 288 pins? Please let me see if I can find those connectors and then we can speak about a patchbay.

Hi Bob,

Sorry for not clarifying. The part number "DL2-96R" refers specifically
to the "female" connector, and the "DL2-96P" is the "male" connector.
There's a reference to the female connector standard pinouts here:

The DL2-96R and DL2-96P connectors only have 96 pins.

Here's the company product page:

Though the one pictured on the page is not the 96 pin version like I

I would need both of them to be "female". They're like XLRs in that the
"female" version is not the one with the "pins" but rather the one with
the larger "plug".

If you don't have them or can't source them easily, then I think we
could just terminate those leads in a DB-25 or EDAC or something like
that and I could order a short custom adaptor from Redco that will make
the conversion. The other option is to just terminate them in male and
female XLR since the machine I'm hooking them up to can also use XLR,
but I'd like to avoid all those separate connections if possible.
Ironically the XLRs may actually be the cheaper way to go. Thanks again
and take care,


Hey Sal,

All my DL connectors are 120 pin. Boo. I can put DB-25 or XLR on the cables. I think I would go with XLR's and be done with it. That would be cheaper than getting DB-25's from me and paying for adaptors from Redco. I can put 16 XLR-M's on the cables, plug 'em in and away you go.


Hi Bob,

You gave me a good idea of reusing my existing patchbay for this setup
so that I would only need one more 1/4" 52 point patchbay like the one I
have. If I could order 10' male/female XLR leads from you separate from
the patchbay, then I'd be able to retrofit my existing one with the
longer leads for the first 16 channels, and then order a second patchbay
for the next 16 channels and have 20 to spare. Let me know what you
think and I'll come up with a new configuration. Thanks and take care,

good idea. That will work. That's the great thing about owning a patchbay with E3 connectors on the back! I'll make new cables and you just plug them in the patchbay you have… then we can add one more patchbay and that will be a done deal. cool eh?

Hi Bob,

Yeah it really is! So this should give me what I need as far as
configuring the patchbay goes:

1-16:    10' leads to female XLR
17-26:  4'   leads to female XLR

1-16:    10' leads to TRS
17-26:   4'  leads to male XLR

As for extra cables, I would need:

10 x 10' leads E3 to unterminated
16 x 10' leads E3 to male XLR

Thanks again Bob,

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