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Identifying a patchbay

Identifying a patchbay
On Feb 27, 2013, at 6:05 PM, Dave Alvey <******> wrote: Message: Hi. I recently bought a couple of used patchbays as I want to move into a better connection than my old 1/4" Switchcrafts and Furmans are providing. Besides the pc cards on the Furmans are starting to fail here and there. So, I bought a pair of ADC 1U bays with the QCP punchdown blocks. They are both listed as cat# DAB307-4mkII. There are no normal/half normal provisions on the punch blocks but there is nowhere I've been able to find info as to whether these are internally normalled or not. I need not normalled for most of my situation with the outboard gear and the small Toft mixer and only a few normalled for the inserts. Could you help me with this information? Thanks

Hey Dave,

The DAB307-4MKII would be a full normal I feel. The way to find out is to touch the red #1 and the red #25 with your multimeter set to ohms. If you have no multimeter, then open the top of the chassis by removing the four screws and four screws on the back of the chassis. If normal you will see a white-wire that is going from the top-row to the bottom-row on each channel. There will also be a black-wire that is going from the top-row to the bottom-row on each channel. These are the normaling jumpers. You can cut each of those wires to remove the normal and leave alone the channels you want normal. In the future if you want to re-normal those channels, strip back the wire's cover and twist together the two wires and dab with solder. Then cover with electrical tape or heat shrink.

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