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On Apr 25, 2017, at 6:34 PM, Christopher <****> wrote:
Hey Mr. Patchbay! I have a console with unbalanced TRS insert send and return jacks. I’ve connected the send to the top row of a half normal’d Bittree patchbay. The return is connected to the bottom jack of the patchbay. In this configuration, I don’t get an audio signal from my console. If I unplug the insert send and return cables from the console I get audio signal. I’m missing something on how to wire these to my patchbay. Do you have a tutorial available or are you able to advise?


Hey Chris,

When you insert a 1/4” TRS cable into your console (with the tip as the send and the ring as the return) the other end should go to your patchbay like this: The tip ( hot / send ) goes to the tip (hot) on the top-row of the patchbay. The ring goes to the tip ( hot / return ) on the bottom-row. Then the ground can go to either ground on the patchbay. Some people buss the ground to the other row’s ground. Some people buss that ground not only to the other row but also to the rings on both rows. Me I just go to one ground and leave it be. The patchbay must be full or half normal to complete the send / return loop.

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