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Message: Hi! Im looking for a specific patchbay i need and was wondering if you could help me out. here is what im looking for: - Simple pass-thru style (i.e bringing jacks from back of rack to front - rear jacks 1/4 inch (prewired breakout or just the jacks) - front jacks tt style let me know if this is something you have and the cost! thanks!
Hey Xander,

I can make a 96 point TT on the front and 1/4" TRS Male Plugs on snakes attached to the rear of the patchbay. This patchbay can be 2RU with large-lables or 1RU with smaller labels. I can build this for $526.67. If you want to buy, email me back. If you need longer cables than the standard four-feet, let me know.
That patchbay is here:
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