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On Aug 6, 2017, at 11:11 PM, Chris Mehalso wrote:
Got another one for you . . .

On my last normalled patch bay config, I had my compressors set up with the outputs directly over the inputs. I don’t remember there ever being a feedback problem . . . but how would I know? When I plugged a cable in so I could have actually heard something, I would have broken the loop. I was about to do the same thing with a Korg Kaoss Pad processor in my new config, and realized that might be a dumb way to do it with the feedback loop risk.

So . . . in a normalled configuration, is it unwise to go top to bottom with processing gear? Does feedback happen without signal present? I would think even cycle hum in the system would eventually cause it to feedback even if I couldn’t hear it as it was happening . . . yet I never observed that happening in my rig.

Please let me know. THANKS!

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Hey Chris,

The rule for outboard gear and effects is never use normals because the output is returning to the input and will, in fact, cause a feedback loop. So just de-normal the top-row from the bottom-row and you will be fine. No advantage for normals on your effects anyway.

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