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Half Normals for Audio Accessories Longframe>DB25

On Dec 2, 2015, at 1:12 PM, Gregory ************* wrote:


I'm trying to reconnect the normals on an Audio Accessories Longframe>DB25 bay that is wired straight thru-no normals. I've only done punchdown ADC types-  The back of the jacks on the top row have 3 solder lugs - while the bottom row has 5. Which I assume limits my options to half-normal only.   I attempted a photo but it's a bit crowded in there so I've made a diagram looking at the back of the jack
 lugs. I posted a question on GS - and a kind person said that all I would have to do was to move the two wires (G & H) to the open lugs (E & F) on the bottom jack. (after determining which is tip and ring with a continuity test)

However- I was under the impression that, assuming that those two unused lugs on the bottom row jacks are the tip-normal and ring-normal -  I would have to solder the top row tip to the bottom row tip-normaland the top row ring to the bottom row ring-normal? 

Obviously moving the two wires up to the open lugs sounds A LOT easier!   I can leave most of the pretty shrinkwrap in place! Could you tell me the proper (easiest) way to get this half-normalled?

DB-25 back view

Hey Greg,

On Dec 2, 2015, at 1:47 PM, Bob Hickey wrote:

Yes that patchbay can only be wired no-normal or half-normal. To wire half normal solder jumper wire(s) from F to B that will be the tip ( hot). Then wire from E to C. If you have an ohm meter that would be the best way to test your connection on channel #1 BEFORE you wire the whole think and find out it’s wrong.
With you ohm meter touch the tip inside the jack and touch H and then F. They should both have contact. Now plug a patch cable into the channel. While the cable is plugged-in touch the tip of the patch cable and touch H & F again. With the cable in H should still make contact while F will not. Do the same with G & E.

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On Dec 3, 2015, at 10:38 AM, Gregory ***************** wrote:

Thank you so much Bobby, I did exactly what you said- and presto! We're half-normal! - It's really tedious work - I did 4 channels before deciding to unscrew the rear frame holding the DB25's which gives me a bit more (not much) room to work. I'm assuming there arent any shortcuts ….or are there?
Again, I needed this for an important project that's mid-stream and you saved me at least 3-4 days of downtime. Again, MANY Thanks!

No problem Greg. No short-cuts known.

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