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On May 15, 2013, at 11:29 AM, Michael Mazzotta <> wrote:
Hey Bob: it was great to speak with you today! Thanks for the conversation and down to earth advice!

Here is the set up:


Room is currently feed 24 Channels from an XLR stage split

Converters:  24 in 24 out capability-

2 Digidesign 192 i/o converters = 24 In & 16 out (will soon expand additional 8 out) Multiple db25 connections here in divisions of 8

Passive Summing Mixer-

Roll Music FOLCROM passive summing mixer db25 16 in to stereo pair summing. This unit has no preamps in it to provide make up gain, the point of the units lack of pre is so you can put your favorite stereo preamps in line to provide coloration and style... I will neet to be able to put my variety of stereo pres in line with its output to get the line back up to volume in my DAW. Here is info on the piece if I'm not decribing this well...


(4 Ch) Daking mic pre 4= 4 instrument xlr ins, 4 xlr line in, 4 line xlr outs (will use   
                                               with folcrom)

(2 Ch) Chandler Abbey Road 2 channel= 2 instrument xlr in 2 line out (at   
                                                           unity gain a line level is achieved will use with  

(2 Ch) Bae 1073 mpf= 2 instrument xlr in 2 line out (at unity gain a line        
                                          level is achieved will use with Folcrom)

(8 ch possible)  Api 500 series lunch box= db25 or xlr with only 3 devices currently   
                            installed. 2 pres and one compressor. The pres are a pair of BAE  
                            312 api will use with Folcrom.

(1 Ch) UA Audio Solo 610= 1 Xlr in 1 Xlr out

(8 Ch) Digi Mic Pre= Db25 in Db25 out

(4 ch Art MPA) Xlr in Xlr out


Daking 2 channel stereo buss compressor= 2 Xlr in, 2 xlr Line in, 2 xlr line out

Inward Connections Brute 500 series compressor in Api Lunchbox (db25 or xlr 

Note- the system will eventually be built into a 24 in / 24 out system. There is currently a hum issue with the 24 channels coming in from the stage split... we have a transformer bassed split so im not sure what it is yet... if any of that could be resolved at the bay with grounding by all means let me know!!!

Thanks so much for your service to the audio community Bob: in the days of over charged corporate enterprise its AWSOME to have guys like you around who pick up a phone and take the time to help serve people!!! 


The Vineyard Church

Hey Michael,

The perfect patchbay for your setup would be the Audio Accessories Mini Shorti Quick Switch E3 96 point Custom TT patchbay. This patchbay will arrive ready to plug-n-play. But, can be changed in the future to meet your needs. That patchbay is here on the Audio Accessories website:
The Custom version from me is here: which I can mount DB-25 MALE connectors ready to plug into your gear. Plus I can solder 24 XLR FEMALES to accept your stage split. Then MALE & FEMALE XLR's for your mic pre's and compressors.
What I do on these is the patchbay has an FEMALE GOLD E3 connector on each channel on the back of the patchbay. Then I make, by hand, each cable that is an E3 to plug into the back of the patchbay and then the other end of each cable has whatever connector we need for your setup. This can be changed in the future quickly by unplugging any E3 and plugging in a different cable(s).
These patchbays offer the Quick Switch system letting you change the normal and or grounding on each channel. Great for live gigs where you are hunting-down the hum…

The patchbay can be setup a zillion different ways. One way might be this:

Patchbay Top-Row Patchbay Top-Row
1-24  XLR FEMALE accepts the snake split mic lines 25-48 192 Outputs via 3 X DB-25 MALE
Patchbay Bottom-Row Patchbay Bottom-Row
1-24 192 inputs normaled from 1-24 on the top-row to 3 X DB-25 MALE. 25-42 FOLCROM inputs via 2 X DB-25
43-48 mic pre's

If we took the FLOCROM inputs directly from the 192 outs we could free-up lots of channels. Because we still need to get all the pre's and comps into the bay. Well… let me make some coffee and think about this. We are running out of channels with only 96 points. Maybe we should use a second less costly 96 point solder-type patchbay hardwired to all mic pre's and comps etc.

Bobby Hickey
phone: 817-926-9535
Visit Bob Land Below
Mr. Patchbay Website:
Mix resume:

On May 16, 2013, at 5:32 PM, Michael<> wrote:

Hey Bob... I sent them an update of our set up (listed below) and they won't give us any more information... Just said that after we purchase they will have one of their specialists explain how they will set it up for us. Ok thanks Bob!!!

On May 16, 2013 6:09 PM, "Bob Hickey" <> wrote:
Happy Sounds like them. OK we will work this out. I will get on it tonight.

Here is a Excel layout I made tonight for you sir:

On May 22, 2013, at 11:16 PM, Michael <> wrote:
Looks great! Sending stereo L&R headphone mix out of protools to the FOH snake can work on this also? Super excited to get this!!! Thanks Bob!

I forgot to answer your question about the headphone feed back up the snake. If the headphone out from Pro Tools is a low-Z stereo feed then , no problem. If it is a hi-z 1/4" TRS stereo or two mono TS signals you can always stick the outputs into a DI( direct box) and then take an XLR(s) out of that to go back up the snake.
I am about finished soldering 24 XLR-F for the first 24 channels on patchbay #1.

On May 27, 2013, at 8:53 AM, Michael <> wrote:

On May 29, 2013 9:04 PM, "Bob Hickey" <> wrote:
Hey Michael,

Here is your patchbay update sir: Patchbay #1 is finished. I installed 96 gold E3 connectors with 96 wires for bay #2. I am going to begin putting the connectors on all wires now for patchbay #2. Should finish up tomorrow.


On May 29, 2013, at 9:33 PM, Michael<> wrote:
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