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On Sep 29, 2014, at 12:25 AM, Dylan wrote:
Hi, I’m a project studio owner who is just starting to accumulate enough outboard gear to justify tidying things up with a patchbay. Only problem is that I can’t get my head around them haha I’ve read a number of tutorials, but I figured the best way to comprehend what I need is to just tell someone like you my exact situation …
My chain looks like this:
DAW – MADI cable –> Converter with 16 I/O over 4x Dsub – Analogue cables ->
In my outboard rack I have a 500 series chassis with 10 I/O on XLR, but a second set of ALT I/O for every module
I also have numerous single and dual channel processors and pre-amps.
I use RME Totalmix (powerful digital mixer with virtual routing).
Now what I want to be able to achieve is have a tidy front panel for connecting source inputs, such as microphones or instruments, then have everything interconnected such that I can see and route any I/O anywhere using Totalmix routing. I have a feeling the AUX I/O for the 500 series modules will be crucial to having a front panel wired for mic inputs as well as the ability to feed other outputs to the module so digital routing is possible.
Do you think I only need a pass-through style bay or am I dreaming?
If I’ve been clear as mud,
here is a thread with a more specific rundown, except in this email my 500 series rack example has 2 sets of I/O on XLR instead of 1 set on Dsub.
Hey Dylan,

No problem. It's about 2 am here and my brain is not working anymore tonight. I have lots of international shipping to take care of tomorrow day. However, I will take this matter up tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night and get back with you.

Bobby Hickey
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On Sep 29, 2014, at 6:44 PM, Dylan wrote:
Thanks, mate. I’ve actually contemplated getting a Skype subscription in order to be able to just call to the US, but the time zones make it difficult.
The Audiolot MixBay (192pt) has been suggested to me as a good solution, but it’s out of my price range, especially after adding cables.
To break it down, what I want to be able to do with the patch bay is:
Have all 19” outboard and 500 series modules connected to the converter I/O, such that they are normalled on the patchbay, so I can “chain” together any combination to be routed as a single insert within my DAW (or Totalmix). I also want to be able to plug any source (ie mic) into the patchbay due to its convenient front of desk location. Finally, I want to have my 32 channel summing mixer connected in such a way that I can both route converter outputs to it AND be able to insert any of the above outboard onto any channel, especially the 2 bus.
On each floor rack, I will eventually end up with around between 16 and 22 channels of outboard. The converter in each rack is 16 channels, so I may add a second (to a total of 4) as my outboard approaches the 8 or so mark per rack.
I have the option of putting the patchbay on my mixing desk, which sits between the two floor racks. This could be done, if necessary, to facilitate normalled patching across any unit in either floor rack, but I guess I’d rather have one patchbay per rack if I could find a way for it to make sense to do so.
Sorry if I’m vague/misguided. It’s my first venture into patch bays as I have always done everything within my DAW until now.

Hey Dylan,

Game 7 of the Baseball World Series seemed to be a good time to work on your project before I go back to soldering connectors. It’s 3 to 2 in the ninth!
here is what I have so far:


On Oct 29, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Dylan wrote:
You’ve done this a few times before, haven’t you? Haha I’m going to need to check it out on my home computer as the entire layout would take about 20 of these low resolution monitors at work to fit it haha Also, patchbays are new to me, so it will take a while of following things around before it sinks in.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Again, much appreciated!
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