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Your Name: Jamie Your Email: ********** Subject: RE Patch bay for Chilton mixer / long frame bantam Australia Message: Hi again, here is the real list of what's required for the long frame bantam patch bay - to hook up to the Chilton mixer: TRS inserts: 16 INSERT CHANNELS TRS balanced outs: 8 CHANNELS 12 x mono unbalanced Jack channel outs: 12 OUR CHANNELS 12 x mono unbalanced Jack line ins: 12 IN CHANNELS That's it really. So all would fit on 1 x 48 way long frame bantam patch bay, if configured correctly to a Dsub. Dsub breakout leads, or if you'd rather - you could make me a custom cable, but I don't know if you do that! Jamie Happy
Hey Jamie,

I was making D-Sub connectors all night last night. Anyway, no problem building your project. The best way I think is for me to hard-wired cable to the patchbay and put to proper connectors on the other ends.
I can make your inserts with 1/4" TRS to plug into your insert on your console. I assume they are tip = send and ring = return. I have a large box with about 500 new MONO long-frame patchbay jacks that would be perfect for your project. All I would need to know is what connectors you want on the ends of the cables and how long the cables must be. Price for this patchbay and four-foot looms is $260.00. Please note that any cables over four feet will cost more money. 
Also I would need a list showing what you want where, as shown below:

1.  insert send 1 (TRS)
2.  insert send 2 (TRS)


1. insert return 1 (TRS)



Hi Bob,

I'll try to draw up a spread sheet.

RE your "
large box with about 500 new MONO long-frame patch bay jacks" - I don't need any of these ... I have looms already with these jacks attached - to run between a patch bay and my muiltitrack and outboard.

What I require is a 19" rack mountable long-frame patch bay. This patch bay needs to be wired to TRS (jack) and XLRs to plug into the Chilton.

Here is the manual for the mixer, if this helps! Am I making sense?


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