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How to route a patch bay?

On Oct 11, 2015, at 8:51 PM, Scott McC********* wrote:
I’m trying to wrap my head around how to route a patch bay.  If I want to run my 8 mic pre’s on my PreSonus Studio 192 (which is my audio interface) into the patch bay, I just can’t figure out how that is going to work.  If I run the first 8 in’s on the patch bay to the in’s on the Studio 192,  how and where would I plug in my microphones ?  And do the outs run to the 8 outs on the Studio 192.   Wouldn’t that take up number 1 and 2 where I would normally put my monitors ?
What I’m trying to accomplish is to use my outboard gear by using the patch bay.  I have a reverb, compressor, and eq that I would like to put on the patch bay, and be able to say use my mic #1 input on the Studio 192, and patch it into say the outboard compressor, and back into the interface.

I think I have it figured out, and then I realize that I still don’t understand all of it.   I have pretty much got normal, half normal and through,  into my brain, but still can’t wrap my head around how to route everything.  

If you could just steer me in the right direction I would be so grateful.   I have scoured the internet for information, but still haven’t succeeded.

Thank you for taking time,


Hey Scott,

If you look at this layout:
you may see that by using normals, the client can plug-in a mic in the studio and that mic goes directly, via normals, into a mic pre (by using a patch cable he can send the mic to a different mic pre). Then the mic pre out goes directly , via normals, into his Symphony inputs and the Symphony outs , via normals, go directly into his ToneLux summing mixer. He can insert any effect into anywhere in the signal chain. We do not use normals for effects, comps , reverb etc..
See how this works?

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