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Hey Chris,

On Mar 13, 2013, at 3:15 PM, GUERICKE C RO*** wrote:

I'm interested in upgrading my patch bays. I currently am using the TRS format and have heard that Samson makes a decent trs bay. However, I am wondering if the sound is compromised using such bays.

Well sir, some of the semi-pro 1/4" to 1/4" loose .5 to 1 DB and some sound like they have a blanket over the high-end. I do not know and have never heard the Samson.
The only 1/4" patchbays I sell are the long-frame sometimes called military-style. They use a different type of 1/4" TRS patch cable. The tip of a long-frame TRS is round and not heart shaped. The jacks in the long-frame patchbays are much more robust. There is no signal loss and the top-end comes out the same as it went in. However they do not make 1/4" on the front and 1/4" on the back models like you can get in the semipro stuff. The used/refurbished 1/4" patchbays I sell all listed copse to $1,000.00 each when new. The reason they cost so much is they are very well built and will last a long time. The semi-pro 1/4" to 1/4" stuff is also know for making "noises" when they get a bit old and dust collects in the connectors. 
On the other hand the semi-pro 1/4" to 1/4" patchbays may be better made these days than my last mixing dates. They are low-cost and you can just plug in and go.

In your experience, do the other types (edac, db25, soldered) pass signal more transparently and less degradation/ crosstalk/ noise than TRS?

The TT patchbays and the long-frame 1/4" patchbays sound the same. There is a little more surface contact with the 1/4" stuff which some people say is better for microphones. All the stuff I sell is rated for at least 30,000 inserts of a patch cable. Nobody EVER patches 30K times. 

Of the non-rms types, which are most reliable over time? (knowing that straight wire and then soldering are the best connections) IOW, would DB25 be a good and reliable solution compared to punch down or edac?

The EDAC is very good but the standard now days is the DB-25. All the Pro Audio people but me sell all gear and patchbays with DB-25 FEMALE connectors meaning you must buy eight-channel DB-25 snakes. The custom patchbays I sell have any type connectors you choose even DB-25 MALE so you can plug right in your DB-25 stuff without buying D-SUb snakes.

Lastly, is there any sonic or reliability difference between switchcraft, arc, or Bittree?

None at all sir.

Thanks for your feedback.

No problem.

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