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I would like to re-wire my patchbay to a TT style patchbay

I currently have mic lines coming into my control room with 1/4" trs male connectors soldered to each line.

I would like to re-wire my patchbay to a TT style patchbay.

Will the db25 style patchbays work for me? Can I cut and solder my current mic lines into a db25 male connector? Will that db25 connector allow for phantom power pass thru?

What do you recommend? 

Here's my setup:
28 Mic Lines
24 xlr Mic Inputs TOFT ATB Console
24 1/4" trs Line Inputs TOFT ATB Console
24 1/4" trs Direct Outs TOFT ATB Console 
24 Inputs Pro Tools HD 8x8x8 Native
24 Outputs Pro Tools HD 8x8x8 Native
8 Mic Inputs Focusrite 828
8 Line Inputs Focusrite 828
8 db25 Outputs Focusrite 828
4 xlr Inputs API 3124
4 xlr outputs API 3124


Hey Brad,

Lots of different ways to go here. Looks like you will need two 96 point patchbays to contain all signal paths. How much soldering do you want to do? All of it?
Most of my patchbays are hardwired to the back of the patchbay. I see no need for you to make DB-25 connectors for your mic lines at this moment. The only place I see you need DB-25 is for your Pro tools in & out correct? And yes on Phantom Power thru DB-25's. We strap the grounds on the patchbays side for Phantom and the DB-25 knows nothing about it, it just passes the signal. Let me think while I finish off an order…


I'm trying to be lazy and avoid much soldering if at all possible. Happy
I would feel more comfortable with something like a mini shorty quick switch if I'm wiring it up myself.

I also have db25 outputs on the Focusrite 828.

I definitely would rather cut off the current 1/4" connectors on my mic lines and make a more stable connection.
What do you suggest?


Hey Brad,

If you want to go the Mini Shorti route then I think what might just work fine is you get one Mini Shorti with DB-25's and get one with E3 for all your mic lines and your 1/4" stuff. The E3 is a three-pin ELCO that is very flexible down the road. You can unplug any "one" channel and plug in a different wire with a different type connector if and when needed. And we all get new gear every few years...
Both these pages that show Mini Shorti's are showing 2RU. What I have in stock is 1.5RU. Even my Mini Shorti with DB-25 is a 1.5RU. 
Here is an E3 Mini Shorti: 
Here is an E3 Mini Shorti shown wired:
The E3 mating connectors are easy to make. The video called "
How to crimp gold E3 ELCO pins " on this page shows how to do it: The only issue making E3's is the cost of the Bittree Crimp Tool is $185. Boo. However, I will loan you my Bittree Crimp Tool if you put up a deposit until you return the item.

Or we can do anything else you choose. Most guys these days have me build patchbays that already have cables and connectors so they can plug & play. Sounds like you have all the cables you need now. 

Oh yea….! I forgot. I do have quite a bit of MOGAMI snakes with E3 connectors that I can let go pretty dang cheap. I sold like two snakes to a guy and forget which snakes those were at the moment… it's 3:19 am and going brain dead... but here is the list below that some of the snakes may match up with what you need… 

MOGAMI 2938 Snake Cables
2 x 12FT 16 Channel TRS -> 16 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 2 x 12FT 32 Channel TRS -> 32 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M) 
  • 1 x 12FT 8 Channel TRS -> 8 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 1 x 12FT 24 Channel TRS -> 24 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 1 x 13FT 8 Channel TRS -> 8 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 2 x 20FT 4 x DB25 -> 32 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 1 x 35FT 16 Channel XLR F, 4 Channel XLR M, (12 Channel bare wire) -> 32 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 1 x 12FT 8 Channel TRS Balanced, 4 Channel Send/Return TRS , -> 19 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M), (5 Channel bare wire)
  • 2 x 10FT 8 Channel RCA -> 8 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
  • 1 x 30FT 4 Channel XLR F, EDAC -> EDAC
  • 1 x  "Y" Cable: EDAC <- EDAC, 4 Channel XLR F (XLR's braided together) 8 Channel XLR M, EDAC -> EDAC 
  • 1 x  20FT 32 Channel bare wire -> 32 Channel EDAC 3pin (E3M)
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