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On Sep 21, 2017, at 7:48 AM, Jules <*********> wrote:
Mr. Patchbay,
I am planning to rewire my studio. I have a Soundcraft MH3 as main console, and I would like to connect every outputs and inputs to a patchbay system composed of 3x ADC & 1 x Bittree patchbays.
My questions are:
1. How do I set up Half Normal and Full normal of 3x ADC & 1 x Bittree patchbays?
2. How do I set up a patchbay for Live room mic with 48 Phantom power?
3. How to I connect the cable on the patchbay for Reverbs units?

I have attached the layout that I have in mind.
Please feel free to make any changes or add your inputs or corrections.
God Bless you for the Help that you provide to us!

Hey Jules,

Your ADC patchbays are already full-normal. To change that you need to take the unit(s) apart and move the normal jumpers on the top-row from the normal pins to the standard hot and ring. You will need to cut and solder or get a wire-wrap tool:
For your phantom power mic you need to set the grounds either bussed( all connected together) or GVS (grounds vertically strapped).
All effects and reverbs use NO NORMALS because the output would feedback into the input.
You verbs would be standard tip, ring, sleeve balanced.

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