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On Feb 21, 2017, at 1:24 PM, Jah Guide Music <> wrote:
Greetings Sir, I trust all is well with you. I truly appreciate your wisdom on all of my queries. I am hopeful you do not feel as though I'm taking advantage of your kind nature. But I've found it challenging to get answers to my questions elsewhere. 
Anyways I have another question based on the same punch block patchbays we've discussed before. I am looking to Normal the Cue Amp Output of a Dangerous Monitor ST (coming out of the unit as a single XLRm). It's wired as:
Pin 1: Ground
Pin 2: Right channel
Pin 3: Left channel
The other unit is a headphone amp who's inputs are standard 1/4" TRS.
Dangerous recommends this:
Which is a XLR to dual TS cable. 
My question is not so much what cables, but how do I wire the punch points for the Cue Amp. What wires go where? Because I have to take the 1 output and connect it to 2 punch block points to have the stereo signal go from the Monitor ST into the headphones amp.
Sorry if I am not clear, not sure how else to ask. Sorry for being long winded!
Thanks again for all your help.

Right channel goes to Hot (RED on a punch down bay) on any patchbay channel. Left channel goes to Hot (RED on a punch down bay) on a different patchbay channel. Ground goes to ground on either the right or left channel. Then you can use a scrap-wire to go from the ground to the other channel’s ground. Easy.

On Feb 22, 2017, at 5:16 AM, Jah Guide Music <> wrote:
Hey Bob. I was wondering if you also make and sell cables? If so what brand wires and connectors do you use?
And how much would you charge me for this cable I just wrote you about? I would need 10' length, XLRf (pin 1=grnd, pin 2=right channel, and pin 3=left channel) to 2 TS. 6" fan out, with the TS sides being Blunt for the punch down PatchBay.

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You do not need me to make you a cable… Take a mic cable and cut the male XLR off. Now strip the insolation three or four inches back. Take the hot lead Pin-2 ( you may have to open the XLR-Female end and see which color the hot lead is) and punch it just like I told you last night. Punch this lead to the RED (HOT) on a channel. This is your RIGHT channel.
 Now take the pin-3 lead and punch to the RED on the channel next to the one you just punched. This is your LEFT channel. Punch the ground to either of the these channels. You will be all set.

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