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two 500 series enclosures


I have two 500 series enclosures on my desk, right now I'm using 16 channels for them.  They are about 6 feet from my rack.  I could move them to the other side of my desk if that would save money but in their current position, I would probably need 8 foot runs to make it to the patchbay without stretching etc.

4 channels from them (mic pre's and 2 compressors) go to the Avid Omni which accepts TRS in.  The Omni has DB 25 out but only TRS back in.  
I would prefer to run the Bricasti as AES/EBU but the omni only has DB25 AES/EBU out so I would be using an entire snake for just one connection. Is it possible to have an AES/EBU DB 25 cable with just one connection?  Here's the rear view of the Omni

The Sta-Level, Clariphonic and Bricasti are rack mounted in the same rack as the patch bay would be.
It is a 14 space slant rack.

I would like to be able to freely patch eq's, comps etc in series or even paralell if possible.
I have listed most of my gear below.
I am also wondering what the best way would be to get microphone input to the 500 series preamps.
They are able to be used as a mix bus and I will be sending stuff to them during the mixing stage to use the EQ sections of them.
What would be the easiest way for me to switch between microphone input and input from my converters?  It would be great to have 

Avid Omni
Lynx Aurora
Rear view

purple audio sweet ten rack with
Crane song Falcon x 2
Retro Doublewide x2
Moog 500 Delay x2
Elysia nVelope
Kush Electra x2
Moog Laddder
AWTAC channel comp 2
AWTAC Channel Pre X 2

Retro Sta-Level - mono
Kush Clariphonic - stereo
Bricasti  M7 (can be AES/EBU or analog)
Hughes SRS (
takes RCA in and out)

Thanks so much.

Hey Les,

Yes I first had the first 16 channels on the top-row as 16 mic inputs but, you said you only use a total of four. So I put the Lynx outputs on the first 16 channels on the top-row and placed your four mic inputs as 45-48 on the bottom-row. Please check this version:
Well the signal flow is up to you. I made what I think would work for me. Any channels that are "Full Normal" are connected from the top-row to the bottom-row without the need for a patch cable. Then if you want to over-ride the normal, you just place a patch cable into that hole and the normal stops and the signal from the patch cable is sent to whatever device is wired to the back of the patchbay on that channel.

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